At the heart of our philosophy of care, is recognising each person as an individual, with our commitment to enriching their life.

At Valorum Care, we believe that everybody has the right to fulfil their potential and to grow and develop in accordance with their own beliefs, passions and interests. Valorum – which means “value” in Latin – ensure that everybody is valued for who they are as individuals.

We celebrate people’s collective differences, as well as their shared strengths and we recognise that your support needs are individual to you. Your needs will form an integral part of your care plan which we will personalise for you.

We will never lose sight of all the important things which make you individual, such as activities, hobbies, personal choices and more importantly your loved ones. These details become a valuable guide to us and will ensure we provide a care service that will enrich your life.

Valorum Care is able to offer a range of services tailored to meet your individual needs, irrespective of which care pathway you are on. You will have the flexibility to transition seamlessly from one service to another determined by the level of care & support you need, provided in the appropriate environment without the need for additional assessment.