At the heart of our philosophy of care, is recognising each person as an individual, with our commitment to enriching their life.

"Fairhome Care is a care provider, providing direct care services through a range of partnerships. We work closely with a number of organisations to deliver care to a wide range of people, covering learning disabilities, mental health, older people and people with severe complex and challenging needs.

Our role as partners is to support the development of the business through full back-office support. We assist with growth through relationships, developing new models of care, providing easier access to properties and acquiring new businesses.

We support our joint venture partners in ensuring that we meet regulatory compliance. As a partner, we are jointly responsible for the compliance of the services and therefore one of our main functions is to ensure regulatory compliance. We do this through a series of audits to check that all our workers are trained and supervised in line with regulation. The audits help us to ensure that training is delivered in an effective way. Alongside the audit process the Quality team support our partners ahead of an inspection. We are also able to advise on regulatory issues, as well as providing clinical support and advice, and facilitating training for new services."